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1/3/20242 min read

grayscale photo of man wearing mask
grayscale photo of man wearing mask

Seriously Just An Email

If you're interested in collecting crypto, I've got you covered! I'll guide you through the process of getting started and share methods that allow you to collect cryptocurrency without having to disclose any personal information. It's an excellent way to begin your crypto journey without compromising your privacy. And don't worry, if you eventually decide to sell your crypto, you can easily create an account on an exchange platform and transfer your digital assets there for selling purposes. So, by following my instructions, you can embark on your crypto-collecting adventure hassle-free!

The Wallet

You will need the wallet which is available for PC, Andriod, and iPhone click here

Navigate to the funds button and select receive then search or select the coin to copy your address needed to collect the coin. Make sure you select the correct coin as they all have a unique address. You will insert this address into the sites where you collect free cryptocurrency.

Where to Collect

You can register at the following sites and apps to collect free cryptocurrency with just an email address

CryptoTab - Free browser mining. Just let it run and collect free Bitcoin. Does require a Gmail email.

HoneyGain - Bandwith sharing app that you can leave run and collect free Bitcoin. Requires using Jumptask.

PawnsApp - Bandwith sharing app that you can leave run and collect free Bitcoin. Can be used with HoneyGain - The oldest Bitcoin faucet still online to collect free Bitcoin.

Cointiply - Arguably the highest-paying Bitcoin site currently online.

Final Autoclaim - Largest selection of alt coins to collect with two 30-minute faucets.

FireFaucet - One of the oldest auto faucets online. Several popular cryptocurrencies to collect.

FaucetCrypto - Very low minimum cashout. Making it easy to get crypto in your wallet quickly.

CoinPayU - View sponsored websites and collect free Bitcoin or exchange for altcoins.

Bitcoin Cash Giveaway - Addictive mobile faucet app. Collect BCH for playing games and watching videos.

Litecoin Giveaway - Same as Bitcoin Cash Giveaway to collect free Litecoin.

Not too late

This is likely going to be another big year for cryptocurrency as it seems to be around each halving. There are many halving to go. Start building you 2028 portfolio with the best crypto apps and sites of 2024.