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Signup Requirements

All you need to signup is an Andriod device and an email address.

Minimum Cashout

The minimum cashout for Bitcoin Cash Giveaway is 100,000 BCH satoshi.

How to earn

Bitcoin Cash Giveaway has an hourly faucet and bonus videos available every four hours. Earn big with Playtime or complete offers from the offer walls. Bitcoin Cash Giveaway also has surveys you can complete to earn Bitcoin Cash. Earning Guide

Hardware Requirements

Bitcoin Cash Giveaway requires an Andriod device with access to Google Play Store.

Cryptocurrencies Supported

Bitcoin Cash Giveaway only supports Bitcoin Cash.

Current Users

Bitcoin Cash Giveaway was founded in 2019 and already has over 1 million users.


Bitcoin Aliens has been a reliable and trustworthy platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts since 2014. They have been running various cryptocurrency faucets, and despite some of them closing down, Bitcoin Aliens has maintained a commendable track record of payments. Their latest projects, Bitcoin Cash Giveaway and Litecoin Giveaway, have gained significant popularity among users. With their dedication, Bitcoin Aliens has successfully distributed over 1000 Bitcoin, 1500 Bitcoin Cash, and more than 3,500 Litecoins to an impressive user base of over 5,000,000 individuals across all their faucet projects. Their consistent and prompt payment system has made them a preferred choice among the cryptocurrency community.

Bounty Hunter

Bitcoin Cash Giveaway by Bitcoin Aliens awards 10% for all your referral earnings.