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Signup Requirements

All you need to signup with Final Autoclaim is an email address.

Minimum Cashout

The minimum cashout for BTC on Final Autoclaim is 8,500 BTC satoshi. Final Autoclaim has some of the lowest requirements for cashout making it easy to get your crypto quickly.

How to earn

Final Autoclaim awards dutchy coins based on activity on the site. The dutchy coins can then be used to run the auto faucet which will auto-claim crypto every few minutes. You can claim from the faucet every 30 minutes, view websites, or earn from third-party offer-walls and survey routers. Earning Guide

Hardware Requirements

Final Autoclaim should be used with a laptop, PC, tablet or phone.

Cryptocurrencies Supported

Final Autoclaim supports more cryptocurrencies than any other crypto earning platform. With over 75 different cryptocurrencies to claim. Including all the most popular including Bitcoin.

Current Users

Final Autoclaim was founded in 2018 and already has over 1 million users.


Final Autoclaim is a user-friendly tool that enables individuals to claim multiple coins simultaneously through the auto-faucet feature, using their dutchy coin earnings. With its incredibly low cashout requirements, Final Autoclaim offers a convenient solution for expanding one's portfolio and accumulating coins in their wallet. Moreover, users have the flexibility to select the specific coins they are interested in claiming, allowing them to focus on the cryptocurrencies they truly desire to collect. This revolutionary platform serves as an excellent opportunity to acquire those elusive and rare digital currencies.

Bounty Hunter

Final Autoclaim awards a generous 20% of all referral faucet claims and shortlinks.

Final Autoclaim awards 10% for all referral offer-wall and game earnings.