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When is comes to collecting altcoins Final Autoclaim by DutchyCorp is the clear winner. With over 75 altcoins you can collect all at once. How it works is you earn Dutchy coins that run the autofaucet. You can check the coins you want to collect or uncheck the ones you don't. If you cannot wait you can always directly trade in your Dutchy coins for the crypto of your choice. Let's go over more of how to earn.

Final Autoclaim Faucets

There are technically three faucets to claim from on Final Autoclaim. The first two you can claim from every 30 minutes including the Dutchy coin faucet and the coin of the month. Users vote every month on what the next altcoin to claim will be except for January as that is reserved for Bitcoin satoshi claims. Final Autoclaim also has a loyalty bonus for these two faucets allowing you to collect up to 100% more allowing you to double your claims. Each consecutive day you make a claim you will gain .5% up to 100%. The third faucet is the autofaucet where you redeem your Dutchycoins and once started will automatically collect your selected coins every minute. Running the autofaucet on the weekend is the best value as you will also gain a 20% bonus.

10000 Roll on Final Autoclaim
10000 Roll on Final Autoclaim

Sponsored Sites

You can browse sponsored sites on Final Autoclaim to earn Dutchy and gain experience. New sites are added every day making it a great way to level up and gain some Dutchycoins.

Offers & Surveys

This is the fastest way to level up and earn Dutchycoins. Final Autoclaim has a large selection of offer walls to choose from with passive video earning available from Loot.TV, Hideout.TV, and MM Wall. Final Autoclaim has many different contests to compete for an additional bonus. The weekly contests can be challenging however, the daily contests make it easy for anyone to compete.

List of contests on Final Autoclaim
List of contests on Final Autoclaim

Level Bonus

For Each new Level-Up until level 1000, you'll receive a better percentage bonus, your Offerwall Rewards and your Autoclaims Rewards for each coin will increase! Autoclaims Rewards and Offerwall Rewards Bonus Percentage increase by 0.5% every 10 Levels, and the maximum bonus is +50% (reached at level 1000).


Final Autoclaim achievements are located towards the bottom of the home screen after you log in under the different ways to earn. Check your progress often as you can claim potions for a bonus for a certain amount of tasks.

Space Bonus

Space tokens are available to earn or purchase from Final Autoclaim. By holding space tokens you can unlock additional benefits. Benefits for Space Token Holders (SPACE Bonuses) Up to +100% on Autoclaim Rewards, Up to +20% on Staking Rewards, and Up to -20% Discount on every Gift card purchase! To be eligible for Space Token bonuses you must have at least 200 SPACE in your Wallet (As Space Token is a cross-chain project, SPACE who are held on BNB Smart Chain, Polygon PoS, Fantom, and Avalanche C-Chain are included).

coins available on Final Autoclaim
coins available on Final Autoclaim

Final Autoclaim Essentials

This covers the essentials you need to start earning on Final Autoclaim. This site has many other opportunities to explore including games, micro-tasks, staking, mining, a list of trusted air drops, and so much more. If you would like to see a few more quick facts about Final Autoclaim or sign up today click here