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Signup Requirements

To start using CryptoTab you will need to download and install the browser. Once installed you can start using the built-in miner. You can create an account with CryptoTab using Google, Facebook, Twitter or VK.

Minimum Cashout

CryptoTab minimum cashout is just 1 satoshi. Make sure the Bitcoin address you are using does not require a minimum.

How to earn

After the browser is installed you will need to leave the browser open on your device with the miner running. You can choose the amount of resource you would like to use to mine crypto. Earning Guide

Hardware Requirements

Although CryptoTab is available on PC and mobile devices it is recommended to use PC. Mobile devices require an investment.

Cryptocurrencies Supported

Although CryptoTab uses your device to mine different cryptocurrency Bitcoin is the only withdraw method.

Current Users

CryptoTab was founded in 2018 and already has over 40 millions users.


CryptoTab may not be the most lucrative mining platform, but it is certainly the most user-friendly. It offers a hassle-free experience for anyone interested in mining Bitcoin. What sets it apart is the incredibly low threshold for withdrawals, with only 1 satoshi required to cash out. This makes it an incredibly convenient and swift way to accumulate cryptocurrency in your digital wallet. Combined with a 10-level referral system anyone can start stacking some serious sats in their crypto wallet.

Bounty Hunter

Promote or share your unique CryptoTab link and earn from a 10-level referral system. You will earn 15% from those you refer and 10% for those they refer. Then level 3 5%, level 4 3%, level 5 2%, level 6 1%, level 7 .5%, level 8 .25%, level 9 .125%, level 10 .0625%