Pi Coin

Still time to mine before listing


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Pi coin is a digital cryptocurrency created by Stanford University academics Nicholas Kokkalis and Chengdio Fan. The purpose was to create a digital currency like Bitcoin without the enormous energy required creating a better footprint. The disbursement of Pi coin is different than Bitcoin while still holding the same idea. It simply runs an algorithm to determine your reward and does not actively mine blocks like Bitcoin does. If you are interested in new developments that have not launched yet Pi coin is for you.

How to earn

Pi coin is mobile-first and most commonly used with the Pi coin app. They have also launched a PC version that can be used to mine Pi. Mining Pi does not require the use of your hardware. Instead, you can access your dashboard once per day to start the mining activity and be rewarded Pi. The app can then be closed while the algorithm continues to run.

Pi coin feature list
Pi coin feature list

Know Your Customer

Anyone can mine Pi coin but to move Pi coin to your wallet you will first need to complete KYC verification. Once Pi coin is officially launched I expect there to be a large back log of people trying to complete KYC. So if you don't want to get stuck in line it is better to take this step as quickly as possible. To buy, sell, or trade Pi coin KYC will need to be completed.

Honerable Mention

Pi coin deserves an honerable mention as a legitimate cryptocurrency. Although it is not yet officially launched on any cryptocurrency exchanges it is a real project with millions of poeple already using Pi coin in the early stages. So if you would like to join to community of Pi pioneers click here