Metamask banner Sign upMetamask banner Sign up
Signup Requirements

MetaMasks only requirement is to install the extension to your PC or mobile browser. Be sure to carefully follow the setup steps and secure your seed phrase as this will be the only way to recover your account if needed.

Minimum Balance

MetaMask does not require a minimum balance. Unlike bank accounts, crypto exchanges do not require a minimum balance.

Bonus Crypto

MetaMask does not give out a bonus for cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies Supported

MetaMask supports major cryptocurrencies and supports a wide variety of other utilities for crypto including web3, ICOs, NFTs and much more.

Types of Trading

MetaMask is mainly a wallet but does support swaps allowing you to access many cryptocurrencies not yet supported on a crypto exchange.

Ease of Use

MetaMask is for more advanced users as it is not as simple as other options. Remember to move small amounts before completing a large transaction until you are familiar with the application.

Ease of Access & Security

Binance.US can be accessed through mobile or PC.

Biometrics security

MetaMask provides security state often as it is an open project.

Earn Cryptocurreny

MetaMask offers staking rewards for certain cryptocurrencies. I recommend checking out MetaMask Learn for more information on staking opportunities.


MetaMask is a good option for those who do not want to complete KYC. It will take some time to learn your way around. Once you do it is highly rewarding with more opportunities than most applications.