Enjoy sweet earnings doing nothing


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There is no sweeter way to earn online than being able to set it and forget it. Honeygain makes this possible for anyone with a device and a network connection. I know it sounds a bit suspicious but it makes a lot of cents......sense. Let's go over how this is possible so you can start earning with Honeygain today.

How it works

Honeygain is a platform that lets you earn passive income by sharing your internet connection. When you install the app, it securely utilizes your unused bandwidth for data intelligence tasks, such as web crawling and content delivery. Web crawling is a task used by search engines to discover content, while content delivery assists with larger sites and files that need to be displayed for Honeygain clients. Your privacy is protected, and you earn credits for the data shared. Honeygain works best on Window PC but also can be used on Andriod, MacOS, iOS, and Linux.

How to earn

You can setup your account from any device and monitor all your devices from your online dashboard. Once you have created an account you can download the app. Once installed leave the app running in the background and you will begin earning. You can check on your bees to make sure you are earning from the dashboard. If the bees are sleeping you are not actively earning.

Busy bees on honeygain
Busy bees on honeygain

The Honeypot

You can check in daily on your devices and earn up to $100 instantly from the Honeypot. As long as you have shared at least 15mb from the previous day ( not hard to do ) you can open up the pot. To open the pot access your dashboard and select the honeypot to open.

Honey pot
Honey pot

Honeygain Achievements

To help new users explore Honeygain they have offered achievements for simple tasks. You can claim bonus credits for completing these achievements making your first cash out even easier. Currently, you can unlock achievements for completing a Honeypot daily streak, exploring Jumptask, and inviting friends.

Jumptask Bonus

To redeem cryptocurrency from Honeygain it requires an account with Jumptask. Although this extra step seems fustrating, Honeygain makes up for it with a 10% bonus to your earnings. By using Jumptask you also can work on completing additional achievements for bonus credits.

Will it affect my internet performance

Initially, this was my concern. I was unable to locate any instances of other users experiencing this issue. Having used this program for over 2 years I have never had performance issues with my network while steaming or online gaming which are the two most demanding connections. EarnApp monitors your internet usage and uses your excess bandwidth.

HoneyGain Essentials

That covers the essentials needed to start earning with Honeygain. It is as simple as creating an account, installing the app, and start earning. Being that you are paid for data usage you will want to make sure you have an unlimited data plan for your internet. If you would like to see a few more quick facts or sign up today click here