The oldest Bitcoin faucet still running


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Keeping it simple is what has lead to success for to be the longest-running Bitcoin faucet still online today. Starting in 2013 just 3 years after Bitcoin appeared. What makes so popular is the provably fair high-lo dice game. You have the option to deposit or claim from the faucet to play. Let's go over some of the cool features has to offer. Faucet

When you first start using the faucet the base claims are very low yet you still get the chance for up to $200 in Bitcoin. If you do not use any of the other features available on the site it will remain the same. However, if you play the dice game jackpots or purchase lottery tickets you can increase the base claim. You will want to complete at least the first couple of levels to get a decent base claim. If you play the dice game make sure you check one of the jackpot boxes to count towards your progression. You can roll the faucet every hour. The chance for hitting a perfect 9,999 for $200 is low but it is not uncommon to hit some nice claims.

9993 spin
9993 spin
9999 spin
9999 spin

Reward Points & Lottery Tickets

You receive 4 reward points for every faucet roll and 2 reward points for every 500 satoshi wagered in the multiply BTC game. You also receive 2 lottery tickets for every faucet roll and 1 lottery ticket for every 500 satoshi wagered in the multiply BTC game. Lottery tickets are what you would expect, providing a chance to win a larger prize. With millions of users, it is much like trying to win the Powerball. Somebody wins but most will lose. If you prefer a guaranteed reward you can disable lottery and collect additional reward points instead. Reward points can be redeemed for gift cards, and electronics, or can be used to unlock bonuses or exchange directly for satoshi. The bonuses are hard to use as you would need to claim 22/24 hours to receive a return. The best option most use is the direct redemption for satoshi as 1 RP converts to 1 satoshi. reward point exchange reward point exchange lottery winners lottery winners

Wheel Of Fortune

The most exciting feature for is the daily wheel spin. Commonly providing a larger average reward and a chance for a larger reward. Everyone can spin the wheel once daily as long as you have activated promotional emails in your settings. You will need to access the spin from the daily email. Upgraded members can take advantage of additional daily wheel spins or you can purchase extra spins with your reward points. reward points wheel spin reward points wheel spin wheel spin wheel spin Essentials

This covers the essentials needed to start earning on Being the faucet is funded by gambling activities on the site you will find many popular things to bet on including world-known sports and even United States game betting for the NFL among other popular topics. If you decide to participate in gambling activities always remember to gamble responsibly. If you would like to see a few more quick facts about or sign up today click here