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FaucetCrypto is a level-based earning site awarding the most active users with the highest earnings. With a very low cash-out requirement it is a great option to start earning crypto with over 20 different cryptocurrencies to collect including Bitcoin. Let's go over how to increase those earnings.

FaucetCrypto Experience

Experience points are the key to earning on FaucetCrypto. As you gain experience and level up you will earn a bonus on every task. Each time you level up your bonus increases by 0.1% therefore every 10 level-ups will gain a 1% bonus. Reach level 1,000 and you can double your earnings on every task.

FaucetCrypto level explanation
FaucetCrypto level explanation

FaucetCrypto Faucet

You can claim from the cryptocurrency faucet every 20-40 minutes for a small amount of coins that can be exchanged for the crypto of your choice. This is an easy way to build up experience points and level up. The faucet is typically listed in the weekly challenges allowing you to claim a larger amount of bonus experience.

Sponsored Sites

You can browse sponsored sites on FaucetCrypto to earn coins and gain experience. New sites are added every day making it a great way to level up. To use the faucet you must complete a task first. Sponsored sites are counted as a task to unlock the faucet.

FaucetCrypto weekly challenge
FaucetCrypto weekly challenge

Weekly Challenges

Each week FaucetCrypto has different challenges to complete for bonus experience. Check each week to see if there are any you can complete for a quick experience boost.

FaucetCrypto Items

Each time you complete a task on FaucetCrypto you have a chance of collecting a random item. There are six levels of scarcity of the items you might receive. These items provide different advantages on the site from speeding up the faucet, increasing offer earnings, and gaining instant experience when consumed.

FaucetCrypto Market

You can purchase these items from other users or list items you are not interested in and even set your price. This includes experience items to level up even quicker if you don't want to earn your way up.

FaucetCrypto experience gems
FaucetCrypto experience gems

Offers & Surveys

FaucetCrypto has many offer walls to choose from to earn cryptocurrency. With passive earning opportunities to watch videos from Lootably and Hideout.TV.

FaucetCrypto Essentials

This covers the essentials on how to boost your earnings on FaucetCrypto. Every person is different in how they use the site to earn. I would recommend testing out the different items to see what works best for you. Level up as quick as you can and start cashing out every week. If you would like to see a few more quick facts or sign up on FaucetCrypto click here