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Signup Requirements

Email address / SMS Verification / Full Name / Phone Number /Nationality.

Full access requires KYC where you will need to submit a government-issued photo ID. You will also need to submit a "selfie" picture.

Minimum Balance does not require a minimum balance. Unlike bank accounts, crypto exchanges do not require a minimum balance.

Bonus Crypto has a bonus for new customers where they can obtain CRO for completing their first deposit. CRO is a native token of

Cryptocurrencies Supported offers over 250 different cryptocurrencies. You can expand into a vast amount of additional cryptocurrencies through DeFi Wallet.

Types of Trading offers spot trading, margin trading, and limit orders.

Ease of Use is easy to use for buying and selling cryptocurrency. Trading can be a bit more challenging.

Ease of Access & Security can be accessed through mobile app. They do not have web-based access. Although they do have the option to download a PC-based application.

Multi-layer user authentication is used to protect your assets.

Earn Cryptocurreny offers a university and mission program to earn crypto. You can also earn interest and stake your cryptocurrency.


Although has some limitations they are unique in that they offer a Visa card to spend your cryptocurrency without the hassle of bank transfer. The Visa card program also comes with some great perks such as up to 100% back on Netflix and many more.