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CoinPayU is a popular platform that many crypto startups turn to for promoting their new projects. With a variety of options available, it is considered one of the best choices to reach a wide crypto audience. Some of the early mentions I have seen here are Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and most recently Bonk. The platform is well-known for its user-friendly and organized layout, making it easy for users to navigate and earn free cryptocurrency.

white and black typewriter on white table
white and black typewriter on white table

Sponsored Sites

CoinPayU has a list of sponsored sites that you can view. Simply select the one you are interested in and earn a small amount of crypto. Although it is great for locating new projects early, cryptocurrency is considered extremely volatile and investing can be risky. Thorough consideration should be taken before investing. New sponsored sites are shown each day, so be sure to check back for new opportunities.

Participants in leaderboard
Participants in leaderboard

Offers & Surveys

CoinPayU has many offer-walls to choose from to earn cryptocurrency. With passive earning opportunities to watch videos from Lootably and MM Wall. You can also choose to compete in the daily and monthly leaderboards. CoinpayU daily top earner awards an extra $50 and the monthly top earner awards $500. That is a quick way to grow a nice portfolio.

Catch a Cat

This is a unique game by CoinPayU offered occasionally through CoinPayU social media accounts. CoinPayU will have a link in the sponsored sites to inform the game is active. Simply copy the code from Facebook or X and enter the code to win instant Satoshi. This is usually a respectable amount with a chance for getting a larger award.

different cats to be caught
different cats to be caught

Account Upgrade

CoinPayU has an option to upgrade your account. It is important to note that it is not required to upgrade to earn from CoinPayu and upgrading does not guarantee an increase in earnings. Upgrades are suited more for affiliates who promote the site allowing them to earn a slightly higher return by sharing the risk with CoinPayU.

CoinPayU Essentials

This covers the essentials of earning free cryptocurrency from CoinPayU. It is a clean and straightforward site to work with. Another opportunity to explore is article writing. If you like to write articles you can compete in CoinPayU's article contests. With over 80 article campaigns completed and users awarded crypto. If you are interested and learning a few more facts about CoinpayU or would like to start earning click here