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Geocaching for crypto


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If you like geocaching and crypto Coin app is the perfect app for you. If crypto is not for you there are many physical rewards to redeem as well or you can use your coins to enter sweepstakes. Coin app has expanded since it launched in 2019 and has many ways to earn coins. Let's dive into the many ways you can start getting coins.

a red car with a cone on top of it
a red car with a cone on top of it

Geo Mining

Do you drive a lot? Geo mining is perfect for you. As you travel you can collect blocks and earn coin. Occasionally you can discover a large geo mine and collect a larger reward. You can even find exclusive items that assist with your mining. The rewards are typically small for each block but the more you travel the more you will earn.

Witness Large Geomines

Even if you don't hit a large geo mine you can still earn some extra coin by witnessing other players claim. Rewards are limited to the first 150 witnesses. After that, you can still witness but you will not receive a coin reward. The highest reward goes to the first ones to witness the claim.

Weekly Bonus Drops

Once a week you will receive a geo drop. These drops are a larger reward that you can claim just for being active with the app

User Geo Drops

This is where geocaching comes into play. Either you or other players can create a geocache and enter a coin reward for claiming. In order to claim the drop you will need to be on the same geo tile the drop was made. You can view on your map where drops are made to navigate to them and make the claim.

Background & HODL Rewards

Of course you cannot use the app 24/7 but that does not mean you need to stop earning coins. Once you can get back to the app you can claim your background rewards. HODL rewards are a bonus for holding coins in your balance.

More Coins

There are several other ways that you can earn additional coins. These options vary depending on what is around you. You can also complete surveys or play games to earn additional coins.

Coin App Essentials

This covers everything you need to know to get started with Coin app. Join over 5 million users already claiming coins and redeeming crypto and other rewards while having fun with geocaching. Build up your coins and redeem XYO, Ethereum or Bitcoin. There is a free and premium version. There are plenty of activities for free members and you can still collect geo drops. Join the Coin app community and start earning coins today click here