Pi Coin Teases Mainnet Launch and Public Valuation


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a person holding a cell phone with a website on the screen
a person holding a cell phone with a website on the screen

Recently, Pi Coin made an exciting announcement that has left the cryptocurrency community buzzing with anticipation. The team behind Pi Coin has released a teaser, revealing their plans to list the coin this year. This development marks a significant milestone for Pi Coin, as it signifies the launch of its mainnet and the opportunity for the public to determine its value.

It comes as no surprise to me that Pi coin determined 2024 to launch mainnet. Pi coin is considered an altcoin. Historically, altcoins have had great success during bull runs. With the Bitcoin halving occurring this year which has triggered bull runs each time. This should help support the launch of Pi coin.

The Pi core team needs to understand they cannot control the value of Pi. In the end, Pi coins value will be determined by the market. The core development team has made major strides in creating an ecosystem for Pi coin to strive. Even holding a Pifest event for users and merchants to try out Pi coin. Currently, most findings show the value of Pi coin is around $30.

With Pi fest being marked a success I do have my take with some pros and cons. Although Pifest had over 155 countries participate it lacked participation from tier 1 countries. Without tier 1 countries it is going to be hard for Pi to hold a strong value. What did come out good however is that merchants accepted Pi for goods and services and will need to recoup the value. Removing Pi coins from those who would otherwise likely sell off at any price during the listing. Now merchants are forced to either take a loss or hold in anticipation that the price will remain around $30 or more.

The decision to list Pi Coin on the market comes after a considerable period of development and testing. Pi Coin has been in development for quite some time, and the team behind it has worked tirelessly to ensure that the coin is ready for public evaluation. By launching the mainnet, Pi Coin is signaling that they believe the time is right for the public to have a say in the coin's value.

While the outcome of the public valuation remains uncertain, Pi Coin is confident that this step is necessary and long overdue. The team understands that the market may not assign the value they had hoped for, but they are willing to accept whatever the public decides. This level of transparency and humility is commendable, as it demonstrates Pi Coin's commitment to decentralization and the principles that underpin the cryptocurrency space.

It is important to note that the public valuation of Pi Coin will be influenced by various factors, including market demand, adoption, and overall utility. These factors will play a crucial role in shaping the value of the coin and determining its position in the cryptocurrency market.

In conclusion, Pi Coin's decision to list the coin this year and allow the public to determine its value is a significant step towards decentralization and transparency. As with any coin listing it is inevitable that we will see a sell-off initially which will drive the price down. Although Pi does not have an official price set at this time most exchanges have been predicting the listing to be around $30. My prediction is that Pi will drop quickly to around $3-5 after listing and rise again in the first year to around $10.