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Signup Requirements

Email address / SMS Verification / Basic KYC which is your full legal name, last four of your social security number, and your home address.

Full KYC requires proof of identity and your ID. For higher deposit / withdraw limits.

Minimum Balance

Binance.US does not require a minimum balance. Unlike bank accounts, crypto exchanges do not require a minimum balance.

Bonus Crypto

Binance.US offers a new user bonus for spot trading. To claim you must complete it within 7 days of signup. Binance.US no longer offers a deposit bonus as they have moved to a crypto only exchange.

Cryptocurrencies Supported

Binance.US supports over 150 cryptocurrencies. All major cryptocurrencies are available. Less than other exchanges due to regulation. Think quality not quantity. Binance.US uses Digital Asset Risk Management Assessment Framework.

Types of Trading

Binance.US offers both spot trading and OTC trading. OTC is over-the-counter trading that are trades negotiated between the buyer and the seller.

Ease of Use

Binance.US is very simple to use and is great for newcomers. Additional features can be added through APIs for those who want to get more advanced. This removes a lot of confusing navigation for newcomers.

Ease of Access & Security

Binance.US can be accessed through mobile or PC. Binance.US also has a mobile app.

Multi-layer user authentication is used to protect your assets.

Earn Cryptocurreny

Binance.US offers staking rewards for certain cryptocurrencies. Rewards are calculated daily and distributed weekly.


Binance.US give you a closer feel for your assets without all the other things going on with crypto exchanges. Adding APIs allow you to build your interface catered to how you use and trade your cryptocurrency.